Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Shirt & Dye Factory

Ever have one of those days where one project morphs into another project morphs into another project, and then it all spills over into a second day? Yesterday was one of those days for me. My initial goal was to clean out my closet and get rid of clothes that I no longer wear. My closet was crammed, yet I wear the same dozen or so outfits all the time. So I started tossing things into a giveaway pile.

Somehow, before the closet clean-out project was completed, it morphed into a project of cutting the ribbed necks off t-shirts and stitching them into more of a boatneck style (see photo above). So I did about a dozen of those, then started in on sweatshirts and did 3 of those.

Next thing I know I am saying to myself that I really like this one particular shirt, except that it is a white shirt. So out come the dye pots, and since I can't just dye one shirt, I start skeining yarn and wrapping other shirts in a shibori pattern, until I have a full dye pot.

Then, this morning I decided that I haven't done any dyeing this summer until now, and it was fun, so I think I'll dye some more. Above is the pile of shirts and yarns for the next dye pot.

And, of course, my closet still isn't cleaned out!


Anonymous said...

Dyeing Fabric is my Crack! LOL

Gerrie said...

Sounds like fun!!