Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Life Is Good!

sample of Fran's work

For years I have said that there were only two instructors that I was really interested in taking a workshop from. Unfortunately, one of those artists has since retired from teaching. The other one is Fran Skiles, and I am signed up for a workshop with her in September. Yesterday I received my confirmation and supply list, so now I am excited! The supply list includes canvas, gesso, gel medium, silk, paper, ink, pigments, and images. How can you not be inspired by a list of materials like that?

P.S. I think there might still be a slot or two open in this workshop. It's in St. Louis on September 10-12. Here's a link to more info, and if you decide to enroll, let me know. There will also be some great exhibits in the area during that time, including two in the same building as the workshop.


Leslie Avon Miller said...

Sounds like a great course. I love this piece Karen - earthy and rich.

Anonymous said...

You WILL LOVE.. repeat LOVE this class! If you remember my Pompeii piece, it was done under the techniques I learned from Fran. Any questions let me know.. I would take her workshop again jsut for the mear fact of keeping my hands in gel medium all week. Tell her I said hello.. I'm off to Take Kerr Grabowski's class this Sunday woo hoo!

Benedicte said...

I had the great pleasure of attending a workshop with Fran Skiles last year at QBL and absolutely loved the class. Have a great time!