Saturday, August 01, 2009

Another Book

This book has a cover made of banana paper, and it measures 6.5"h x 5"w. The pages are made of the same assortment of banana, mango, unryu, and other papers. In total, I am creating four books of this size with the same pages --- all stitched with a coptic binding.

Here's a side view of the signatures and binding. I love that the variety of papers used in the signatures shows on the spine of the book.

***These books are now available on my website! Click here to see all four of them.


Rebecca said...

Love, love your books and since I've seen that paper, I can vouch for how fantastic it is.
Sooooo, how much are you selling these little gems for? :)

bj parady said...

I want to come play with you... :)