Sunday, August 02, 2009

Layers, Layers, Layers

I thought I would try to document the process on this little piece, and I actually remembered to take photos of most of the layers as I added them.

I started with a square of mat board, approximately 3.5" square. This is how I use up my mat board scraps most of the time. The first layer is pattern pieces adhered to the mat board with gel medium. Once that dried, I covered the surface with a layer of glazing medium. This gives it a slick finish that enables me to play more with the paints and inks in the next layer.

Here is the piece with the second layer. I added some blue and green inks first, and once those dried, I added some yellow acrylic to brighten up the green areas.

Here is the next layer, and I love what this layer added to the piece! I used a piece of gridded plastic and white spray paint, applied in a random pattern, for this layer.

Tomorrow....... a few more layers get added.


Linda said...

fascinating .... can't wait for the next installment ....

bailey said...

I'm with Linda...thanks for doing this. Very fun to see how one addition can make such a huge change in the look of a piece.

Louise in SW Saskatchewan said...

Thanks for showing how the layers are built up.

I have gel mediums....... what kind of glazing medium are you using. I haven't heard of that before.