Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Snowballing Project

As most of you know, at least you do if you own a house, home improvement projects have a way of snowballing into gigantic, time-consuming projects. So it has been around here. For years I have hated the woodwork in this house. It is cheap maple, and it was scuffed and scratched by the previous owners' dogs and kids. So, in a moment of weakness, I decided that it was time to redo all of the woodwork in the house (upstairs and downstairs). As I went along, with pristine white woodwork appearing room-by-room, the walls started to look boring. No problem --- I'll just paint them as I go along. Then the ceilings started to look dingy, and the light fixtures were definitely too outdated for this new look, and the accessories in each room needed a new splash of color. Maybe we should get new furniture and window treatments now, too. OMG, it is never-ending! And all of this is going on while a crew of contractors, plumbers and electricians are adding a new bathroom to the downstairs. (I'm sure most of you are now laughing as you relate to this saga.) The good news is that the bathroom is now completed. The bad news is that the rest of the house is not.

(new placemat, pieced and ready for quilting)


Anonymous said...

I will take 6 of those placemats and trade you for cookies. VM

Christine Thresh said...

Oh, I know about snowballing home projects. They never really end.

Nikki said...

Good luck with all the home improvemnt projects. May they be finished in time for you to enjoy them, not the day before you put your home on the market!