Friday, December 28, 2007

New Postcards

Most of my recent studio work has been for projects that I can't divulge yet, which makes my blog boring these days. To liven it up, here are 3 new postcards. They are made with pieces of my hand painted fabric, followed by a layer of distressed organza, then some gold painted highlights, and finally a screen print of a note that my great grandfather wrote to my great grandmother.

Hickman #1 SOLD

Hickman #2 SOLD

Hickman #3 $30

And a photo of Zeke in the snow with his new sweater. My Mom knit the sweater, and it is a gorgeous blue, purple and teal. We have patiently waited for Zeke to grow into it, and it finally fits. Zeke weighs in at a whopping 7.5 pounds now!

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Christine Thresh said...

What did your grandfather say in the note? I can't read it.