Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Tin Foil Treasure

I've been reading online about other artists working with crumpled tin foil and crumpled brown paper bags. Since I don't have any brown paper bags on hand, I decided to try the technique with tin foil. First you scrunch the tin foil, and there are degrees of scrunch to this technique. It works best to barely scrunch it, not totally crumple it into a ball of foil. Then you flatten it back out --- I used a wooden rolling pin for this step. Above is what the foil looked like after I flattened it and glued it to a piece of mat board.

This photo shows the same foil-covered mat board with some preliminary layers of paint added. I used Lumiere paints for this step. I can see using this technique to get a look similar to raku pottery --- which I love. The colors are much more brilliant than the photo shows, due to the glare of the flash.

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Mom said...

Outstanding, I love it.