Monday, August 13, 2007

Papermaking Workshop - Part 1

This past weekend I traveled to Columbia, MO to take a papermaking workshop with Leandra Spangler, owner of Bear Creek Paperworks. I had seen Leandra's work in an exhibition and knew immediately that this was the artist that I wanted to teach me papermaking. Saturday was spent learning the process --- from cooking the plantstuffs, to using the beater to make the pulp, to mixing the slurry, and finally to pulling the actual sheets of paper. If you are ever interested in learning the process for making handmade paper, I highly recommend Leandra as an instructor.

Photo of the beater with iris pulp in it.

Daffodil paper

Giant Reed paper (also known as American Bamboo)

Iris paper

Pineapple Tops paper

Surprise Lily paper

Yucca paper


kathy said...

These are quite interesting! Looks like fun.

Linda Lynch said...

What fun~! Your papers are great and how special to use them in your art. Linda