Monday, August 06, 2007

More Harvest

Here's the latest selection from the garden, minus the turnips that are already cut and in the fridge. Today the cabbage will turn into coleslaw, and some of the others will get sliced for salads.

I didn't post last week, because it ended up being a very busy week for me. First I received an email from another local artist interested in starting a new cooperative gallery. I went and looked at the building that she wants to lease, and we started brainstorming on ideas. On Saturday we held a meeting with other interested artists, and it looks like this idea may very well happen. While this was all very exciting, it took a lot of time away from my studio.

And in the midst of researching how other local artists' cooperatives are set up, I discovered that one of the well established cooperatives is finally accepting applications for new members. That sent me into a whirlwind of preparing all of the requirements for submission to their jurying committee. This cooperative is located in the revitalized area of downtown --- a very artsy, trendy, fun area that I love to hang out in. Saturday I dropped off my artwork, photos and paperwork. Now begins the wait for official notification of acceptance or rejection. Wish me luck!


kathy said...

I wish you all the best on this endeavor, Karen. It sounds like lots of fun!

Del said...

Good luck, Karen. You will be a busy artist if you are in two local cooperatives. Good deal!