Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Papermaking Workshop - Part 2

The Sunday session of the workshop was "Sculpture", and we learned several techniques for forming 3D vessels and sculptures.

This is our fearless leader, Leandra Spangler, in her handmade paper costume of Brunhilde. This outfit is one of the full-size costumes that her paper dolls were patterned after. When an instructor has the guts to model an outfit like this, and allow photos, you know we had fun!

This is the bowl that I created in the first section of the sculpture class. We were casting papers over other objects, and I chose a square shaped bowl as my object for casting. I plan to add stone legs to the bowl later.

This was the final project I made. We had the choice of making a free-form structure with sticks or weaving an armature out of reeds. I used sticks to form the base structure for this luminary, then covered it with a translucent paper and added a votive candle to the center. The sticks are in a random pattern, so that each side of the luminary looks unique when it is lit.


kathy said...

These are very fun and beautiful. Good job.

marion said...

You did have fun, great stuff. My next door neighbour wants to make masks next week, that should be fun, we'll work with paper then.