Thursday, March 29, 2012


Linda Brown, owner of Waggiwear in Kansas City, makes the most amazing, artsy collars and leashes for dogs! I first got introduced to her and her company when one of our rescue dogs came in wearing one of her collars. Recently she added several new color combinations to her line of collars and needed name suggestions. She names each line of collars after a rescue dog, which I love. I offered some name suggestions, and one of the names she chose was Mya. She graciously sent Mya the first collar in the new "Mya" line, and here is Mya modeling her namesake collar. I love it!!!

And here is a promo photo of Mya surrounded by a donation of fleece tug toys! The donor asked for a photo of a dog with the tugs, and Mya was more than willing to be my model.


Carol Blackburn said...

What a lovely product. Sure to be a winner. Mya looks content for sure. :)

Robbie said...

OK, I bookmarked Waggiwear's site for Kalee's BD coming in July!!! OMG...what cute sets...she'll just have to have one!!!