Saturday, March 31, 2012

This and That

When I first bought the house I live in now, many people told me that I would hate living so close to an airport. Over the years, I have decided that I LOVE living near this airport! It is a very small private airport (no control tower), and it has provided us with plenty of entertainment over the years. When the weather is nice, we never have a shortage of hot air balloons or interesting aircraft flying overhead. Last night, this biplane made several loops around our neighborhood.

And more Waggiwear dog collars --- this is Rascal, showing off the collar that was named for him. It's almost like he knows that he looks great in his new collar!

And this is Wiley, another rescue dog that had a collar named for him. Wiley has already been adopted, so yesterday I gave his forever family the collar that was named for him and took this photo.

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Carol Blackburn said...

I loved living near a small airport myself when I lived in Massachusetts the first 50 yrs. of my life. We would even pick up coffee and go sit there and watch the small planes come and go, etc. They would have remote control planes on Sunday. I went up in a Cessna one afternoon for a scenic tour (big feat for someone with both vertigo and claustrophobia) and it was awesome. If I ever hit the lottery I'm taking flying lessons and buying my own plane.
Wish I had thought of those wonderful Waggiware collars, it could make her a millionaire in time. :)