Monday, March 05, 2012

Pilots N Paws

What a great organization! This is a national group of small plane owners/pilots that offer to fly dogs to their destinations to help out rescue organizations. I had heard of them before, but our rescue had never used them. Recently that all changed, when we received our first puppy on a flight from southern Kansas.

Plane safely on the ground in Nebraska, with 3 dogs on board

Taxiing in from the runway

Parking at the gate

Sam, the pilot, with our little shepherd mix rescue puppy
(there were also two rescue boxers on the flight)

Xena, a 5 month old female shepherd mix (already adopted!)

P.S. We have another flight arriving today, with 11 rescue puppies on board!


Carol Blackburn said...

What a wonderful thing for them to do. How sweet!

Robbie said...

Just another great story from you Karen!!! Isn't is wonderful there are so many kind people in this world!!!