Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Pilots N Paws - Round 2

Plane safely on the ground in Omaha

Taxiing in to park, right by the gate

11 puppies on board ---
1 schnauzer/maltese pup & 10 boxer/lab pups

Happy pilot --- this was his biggest transport to date

Happy co-pilot --- this was only his second rescue transport

The little white schnauzer puppy was released by a breeder, and we were thrilled to get him out of a life of continuous breeding. The ten boxer/lab puppies were confiscated by police during a domestic disturbance call, where the mama dog was already dead when they arrived on the scene.

Eleven little lives saved, thanks in part to the pilots that helped us out!

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Marty Mason said...

Oh, how I do love a happy ending. Now here goes: a huge hug and kiss just went out to the pilots and every one of those puppies!