Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Finally Finished!

Besides cooking, canning, and freezing garden produce, the other project that seems to have consumed my summer is this stone walkway. Two years ago when we put in our arbor, I knew I wanted a stone walkway to run under it and back to the gate. At the time, the price of stone was exorbitant, so the project was put on hold. Fast forward to this year and someone giving away free stone. Two truckloads of stone later, we were in business to start our walkway. Building a stone walkway is alot like putting together a jigsaw puzzle --- you try out a ton of pieces before you find the one that fits. The photo above is the finished walkway. Although we are thrilled with the end result, I'm not sure this is a project we would tackle a second time.


Regina said...

Results are beautiful. I hope you can really enjoy it once the aches & pains have faded.

Terry said...

Free stone? Wow, what a find! Your walkway is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you want to come an do that at my place? :) still have more stone?