Saturday, June 20, 2009


About a month ago, baby squirrels were everywhere in our neighborhood. One afternoon I counted 6 little ones in just our backyard. Since then, most of them have learned that we have a terrier, and that he loves to chase them up the trees and out of the yard, so they steer clear of our yard. One of them is either dumb or brave though, as he continues to try to sneak into our yard without Zeke seeing him. He does this often enough that we have named him Oscar. I think he is drawn in by the smell of the black walnuts in my dye bucket.


Gerrie said...

I have a squirrel who sits outside my sliding glass doors of the studio and watches me work. I call him Picasso.

Leslie said...

Oscar is smart already if he knows the scent of Black Walnuts.. Cute