Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jumble of Color

In an attempt to simplify/declutter my studio, I have been going through my fabric stash. I still had some commercial fabrics, which I rarely use anymore. A lot of them have already been given to friends and Project Linus, but there is still a drawer full of batiks that I couldn't bear to give away. So I am making a lap quilt with them. The scraps above are the off-cuts from some of the sewing & cutting. I loved the interplay of the colors and lines --- one of those wonders that magically happens when you just toss scraps in a pile, yet could never be duplicated by intentionally trying to recreate it.

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Linda said...

Wonderful! For the last twelve months or so I've been trying to stretch my boundaries, but before that it was just this kind of serendipitous combining of colours that sparked an idea.