Thursday, January 08, 2009

Every Single Day


I'm always surprised when people comment about the amount of art that I get made and want to know what my secret is. I think that the mantra of a full-time artist should be "show up and do the work". If I go to the studio every day and create, I am bound to make a lot of art. On the days that I can't be in the studio, I have my sketchbook and camera with me, and I draw sketches or take photographs. All of this leads to a lot of work getting done. So today's collage gives you my at it every single day.


Regina said...

Sometimes I think we get it into our head that prolific artists just have that special something. I think it's called steadfastness. I like your new collage series very much. I've been pushing myself more with art journaling. Signing up for a challenge gives me the push I need. Now to translate that into my other art that needs a kick in the pants! LOL

Susie Monday said...

Amen Sister!
And one would think this would be easy. I have the studio of my dreams and its almost ridiculous sometimes how I have to trick myself into it! Not because I don't want to work, but because some silly part of me keeps thinking something else is "more important."