Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Completed Book

Here is the completed book, with all 8 pages mounted. It is a simple accordion fold book, made from a single sheet of paper.

Here are the first four pages in the book.

Here are the last four pages in the book.

Please click on the last two photos for more detail. For whatever reason, Blogger is limiting the size of photos to display in this post.


Anonymous said...

Karen... I must say!!! Wow!!! those look so incredible.. thanks for sharing the process from beginning to end and even the thought process initially. Truely this is inspirational.


Laura Krasinski said...

Karen... I just love this.. the colors are so rich..Laura

lizzieb said...

as great as always, Karen!
Love the circles, but then I would!

j.dávila said...

Your book is sublime! I adore it.

seth said...

Great way to showcase such wonderful pieces.