Thursday, February 21, 2008

Generous Gift

This fantastic journal arrived in my mailbox today --- a gift from artist Cynthia St. Charles as part of the ONE World-ONE Heart project.

This turned out to be an interesting pair of coincidences. First, Cynthia was inspired to start embellishing journal/sketchbook covers after seeing one of my blog posts with photos of sketchbooks that I was embellishing. So she thought it was fitting that I was the one to win her giveaway journal. Secondly, I will be heading to Monterey for 8 relaxing days on the beach, and I needed a new journal for the trip. So it was wonderful timing to receive this fabulous journal in the mail. Thanks Cynthia!

1 comment:

Del said...

What a great journal cover, I'm sure it will inspire you to do great things.

While you are in Monterey, take a trip over to Back Porch Fabric Shop in Pacific Grove to see the Ruth McDowell quilts from the TCQC, which will be there until April 16. Ruth has a new book out and it is purely coincidence that so many of the quilts in the exhibit are pictured and discussed in her book.