Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Confused Cactus

I have a Christmas cactus that was started from cuttings of a cactus that belonged to my Grammie, who is no longer alive. Every year it blooms in November and again at Christmas. I like to think that the November blooming is because Grammie's birthday was in November. But now the cactus is blooming again --- in February. It is covered with gorgeous hot pink blooms. What a wonderful burst of color in the middle of winter's snow white!

This is today's morning collage. I have been tearing bits of words out of magazines to use in these collages. With thoughts of Grammie on my mind, this phrase seemed perfect for this morning's collage. These mini collages (approx. 2"x3") are my morning warm-up exercise in the studio. They're not meant to be great works of art, but more of a jumpstart to my creativity each morning.

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