Thursday, May 24, 2007

An Obos For My Garden

Ever since I first read about obos, I have wanted to make a small one for one of my gardens. I thought this spot on a piece of driftwood was the perfect place, and today I finally made one and set it out in my garden.

From the painter's keys:
"Obos is a destination, a sanctuary, a shrine and a focal point that reminds us that we work with our hands. We are builders and what we build is sacred. Obos may appear inconsequential and be unnoticed by casual passersby. It's a private tribute to something higher, something we might be striving for but find difficult to attain. Approach obos with a relaxed, curious mind. It can help with answers to questions not consciously asked. Obos gives pause, a contemplative thought or a new direction, a respite from clutter, a rededication to our struggle and an affirmation of the value of our personal effort. Obos is the carrier of a golden secret. Obos is like art itself. Obos is a joy to build."

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Anonymous said...

Did you obos get knocked down with the wind today. vm