Monday, January 29, 2007

Sketchbook Covers

Two of the sketchbooks now have "jazzed up" covers and are ready to go! Just in time, since my old sketchbook is full, and I am ready to start a new collage series. So this afternoon I will be working on preliminary sketches.

Several of you asked about where to buy a machine to do this type of binding. You can usually purchase the machine at an office supply store. Alternatively, Kinkos will punch and bind your books for you. I'm not usually patient enough to make a second trip back to Kinkos to pick up my sketchbooks, so I just wait until I am visiting my friend and use her machine to make several books at once. Plus, Kinkos used to complain about the thickness of the matboard covers.


Heather said...

How is the fabric attached to the sketchbook? Tell all! What kind of paper is inside ...watercolor or what?? Sorry to be so nosy :) but I just started making a journal and I am not happy yet with the results.

Karen Stiehl Osborn said...

Heather, I posted the start of the sketchbooks a couple of days earlier. I mixed several different types of paper in each book.

The top cover is painted with a snip of upholstery fabric glued to it. The bottom cover is a collage of some of my painted fabrics, and it is stitched to the cover.

Carol said...

I love the design of these covers,
and the fact they are in my favourite colours makes them even more attractive