Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Earth Day Auction
Spiral of Hope #8
4" x 6"
hand dyed cotton scrim, hand dyed and painted cotton cloth, recycled silk sari yarn, beads

I donated the postcard above to an Earth Day auction that is raising funds for Greenpeace. There are several other artists involved, and more artwork will be added between now and the auction date in April. Here's the info from their blog:

"In honor of Earth Day, we will be contributing to Greenpeace (website Greenpeace.org). The main purpose of this organization is protecting the environment (forests, oceans,global warming etc.). This is your chance to give back to "mother earth".

We will be using ebay as our auction with the proceeds going directly to Greenpeace. We welcome any fiber/paper creation. This will also be listed on our blog at http://2007earthdayauction.blogspot.com/. So, please bookmark this site and look to it for exciting artists and their contributions."


Tracy said...

Love the postcard, could you please give me some idea of how you finish the back so it is ready for use. Or is that not the point?

Karen Stiehl Osborn said...

I satin stitch the edges, then straight stitch the postcard to a cardstock back that I've printed on my printer. Then I sign them, and they're ready to add a stamp and mail.

Joanna van said...

Thanks for the donation Karen. It's a really beautiful PC.