Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Power of Art

12" x 12"

Last year an artist friend of mine died of pancreatic cancer. It was such a short time from her diagnosis to her death, and honestly, I wasn't prepared for either one. After her death, her husband shared some of her fabrics with me. For a while I couldn't imagine what I would/could do with them. I loved them, but they were "hers". Eventually I pulled them out and started to experiment with them on my design wall, and then the magic happened. A peaceful calm came over me, and I started creating a new artwork --- her fabrics, my paints and stitches --- and I swear it felt like she was working beside me. "Caring" was created as a donation for the 2015 Fiberart For A Cause fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Click here for all the details on how you can participate.

Caring II (in progress)
20" x 16"

The more I looked at "Caring", the more I realized that I wanted to create a second piece for myself as a remembrance piece. "Caring II" is currently on my design wall, and I am ready to add the machine and hand stitching to it. I like that it echoes the first artwork in many ways, yet it has its own uniqueness as well. 

Creating both of these artworks has been very healing for me. I can't say I don't still miss my friend, but I think she would be very happy to see how her fabrics are being used. 


Anonymous said...

Beautiful artwork and such a beautiful sentiment.
Good job!!

Sandy said...

My sister went very quickly like that with the same illness a few years ago. So strange when there is no time at all really between finding out and the end.
I love these 'Caring' pieces. very calming.
Sandy in the UK said...


Beautiful way to remember a dear friend. A very meaningful donation to our cause. Thank you!

Ken Dockery said...

Thank you, Karen, for this beautiful collaboration with the spirit of Dianne's work. I know that Dianne would be very happy with the results. This is a big blessing to me and my family!

B. Garner said...

Karen, your work has moved me in so many ways over the years.
The beautiful, supportive circle in art between you and your friend, being shared with yet another artist/patron in the ACS fundraiser, is proof positive that the two of you were together in the process. Blessings.