Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Gracie Update

Originally Gracie was diagnosed with Glycogen Storage Disease - Type 1a (von Gierks disease). It is hereditary and is only seen in maltese puppies. The vet told me that most puppies with the disease die by 7 weeks of age or are euthanized. I was totally devastated that Gracie was either going to die soon, or I was going to be faced with the decision to euthanize her. Luckily we decided to give her love and the best care we could for however long she had left.

Long story short, the vet was wrong. His diagnosis was based on the negative results of two tests that were done by a different vet office, and when he repeated the tests at his office, they were both positive.  Once she started on meds to treat these other issues, she immediately started to improve, and now she acts like a normal, tiny puppy most of the time. We are still feeding her very frequently, just to be safe and help her gain weight. She weighs one pound now, so she is putting on weight.

Thanks for all of your prayers!!!


Carol Blackburn said...

Oh how adorable! I pray she lives a long and happy life. Glad she was given a second opinion.

Robbie said...

She is SO sweet!!!! Keeping our fingers crossed she'll grow up big and strong! If your love and care have anything to do with it, she will!!! Thank you!!!