Friday, May 02, 2014

Happy Birthday to me!

Several months ago my mom suggested that we book a lakeside cabin as a mini-retreat for my birthday this year, so we did. We spent four days this week at this cabin, and it was so relaxing! I couldn't do a lot, because of my foot, but we still managed to take a ton of photos and have a good time. Mom planned all the meals ahead of time, and even surprised me with strawberry shortcake on my actual birthday. I got caught up on some reading, did some sketching, and spent some quality time enjoying my mom's company. All in all, a great birthday week!


I need orange said...

Happy Birthday! :-)

My husband's birthday is this week. This must be a good time of year to be born, as it produces good people! :-)

Martha Ginn said...

Sounds like a great birthday celebration; we moms do enjoy our daughters, too!