Friday, May 16, 2014

A Week of Patience, Love & Baby Steps

Frampton has been our foster dog for a week now, and it has been a week filled with baby steps. He is learning manners and how to enjoy being a dog. He's not house trained yet, but he has made major strides in his training. Here are the highlights of his first week here:   

  • learned to go up and down the deck stairs
  • learned to take correction
  • learned to come when called
  • learned to play with toys
  • learned to go from free feeding to actual meal times
  • learned to give kisses
  • got his first grooming
  • learned not to cry when he is crated
  • learned to sleep through the night in a crate
  • learned to keep his crate dry
  • visited the art supply store where he was the hit of the day

All in all, he is such a good puppy, and we want him to find the perfect forever home!

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Carol Blackburn said...

Oh these little ones are so cute. The are often quite nervous too, but so adorable.