Saturday, April 19, 2014

Dogs, Dogs & More Dogs!

We had a Meet & Greet today, for people to stop by and meet most of the rescue dogs that we have available for adoption. I ended up photographing about a dozen dogs, and these are some of my favorite photos and each dog's story.

Chance was abandoned by his owners and in poor health when he arrived in rescue. Look at him now!

Denzel was dumped in the country as a young puppy, and subsequently picked up as a stray. Now he's a friendly, playful puppy!

Frampton was surrendered to rescue by a "breeder" after living in puppy mill hell for 3 years. He is slowly learning that people can be full of love and cuddles.

Tandoori was born in rescue on January 31, 2014. His mom was in a shelter, pregnant, and on the kill list when she was rescued. 

Vera was surrendered to rescue by a "breeder" after she spent 6 years in a puppy mill, being bred over and over again. Now she is learning about playing with other dogs and toys and people.

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