Sunday, March 30, 2014

Webster's Here!

Early this morning a pilot arrived at a small town airport near Omaha, his small plane loaded with 6 dog crates, carrying a total of 11 rescue puppies --- 9 great dane mixes, 1 hound mix, and Webster.

Jim is with Pilots N Paws, and he volunteers his time and plane to fly dogs to safety --- from kill shelters to rescues. He has flown many dogs to Omaha for Hands, Hearts & Paws. Today he spent almost 5 hours flying these 11 puppies to us, and I can't thank him enough.

And this is Webster, our newest foster pup! He is a shih tzu/poodle mix, about 2 months old, and totally adorable. I am in love! He is so soft and cuddly. His family purchased him from a "breeder", and four days later decided they didn't want him. The breeder wouldn't take him back, so they took him to the pound. I am very thankful that he is safe in rescue, and we are having a lot of fun watching him play with our dogs. He has that typical puppy fearlessness and total lack of gracefulness.


Sandy said...

oh how could someone decide they don't want him! He is full of the 'awww' factor.
Sandy in the UK

Carol Blackburn said...

Such a wonderful thing for Jim to do. And the shih-tzu poodle mix is adorable. My hubby's dog Bridget was that mix too and she was the cutest. Lived to age 14 before severe arthritis of the spine left here crying in pain all the time no matter what we tried. I have a great photo of her that is a funny one too I'd like to show you.