Friday, March 21, 2014


I belong to a group of artists that swap Artist Trading Cards (ATC) every month. Each month has a theme, and March's theme is "TEXT-ure". I decided to combine both text and texture in my cards. 

The base layer is a page from a German storybook, with a little bit of cheesecloth, and painted with yellow ochre acrylic. The other layers include a strip from a Starbucks coffee wrap, pieces of painted drop cloths, strips of linen cloth, more text from a different German book, and a square cut out of an exhibition postcard. All in all, lots of text and lots of texture!

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Martha said...

These are fascinating, Karen! I'm sure up-close they are even more interesting than I can see. You inspire me to be more adventuresome with my collage postcards!
Martha Ginn