Saturday, February 08, 2014

Rescue Photos




Today I photographed 6 more dogs for Hands, Hearts & Paws. Some were new arrivals, and a few just needed an updated photo. Briella is an 8 month old beagle whose owner was neglecting and abusing her. I'm glad she is safe in rescue now. Kahlua has been in rescue for a while, but she was enjoying her new toy so much that I had to take a new photo. Lizzie is a 6 year old corgi whose owner just surrendered her to rescue. She is super sweet and cute!


Carol Blackburn said...

Aren't they all adorable. Lizzie could get mistaken for a red fox from that view. Corgi's are so cute with those stubby legs.

I need orange said...

Thank you for all you do for so many!

If it should turn out that Lizzie needs extensive medical care, I want to make sure you are aware of CorgiAid.

CorgiAid's goal is to make sure that homeless corgis are able to get the medical care they need, in order to get healthy so they can find loving permanent homes. We expect that other funds available to help (including adoption fees) will be put toward a dog's care, but when the dog's expenses exceed what is available, we can help corgis (and probable corgi mixes) who fit within our guidelines.

Karen Stiehl Osborn said...

Thank you! I was not aware of CorgiAid, but that is a good resource to know about now. I think Lizzie is healthy. She has a growth on her eye, but it doesn't appear to be an issue right now.