Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Braveheart getting anesthesia

Dr BJ stitching up Braveheart's lacerations

Braveheart resting post-op

There is an up and down, never-ending roller coaster in rescue. Yesterday, as we thought our day was winding down, we were contacted about a 1 day old puppy that had supposedly been dropped on his head. The owner was refusing to take the pup to the vet for medical attention. Instead, they surrendered that puppy plus a littermate to rescue. 

We named the injured puppy Braveheart and rushed him to the vet. Several of us spent the next 2 hours in an operating room, watching and praying. It was clear that his lacerations were bite wounds, and there were two huge gaping wounds with the skin ripped back. The vet was confident that he could suture the wounds, but he had never administered anesthesia to this young and tiny of a pup before. We all held our breath as the anesthesia was adjusted constantly during the surgery, and thankfully, Braveheart survived. 

Now he needs to heal. He has to be bottle fed for the next several weeks, and we have to be careful to maintain his body heat. As the vet said "nutrition and heat are key". And that is how my day ended…….holding a little puppy against my chest and trying to get him to nurse from a bottle.


Carol Blackburn said...

How sad for the poor little puppy. I hope there will be repercussions for the people who let these injuries happen to him.

Sandy said...

Ohh, poor wee mite.

I need orange said...

Sending good thoughts to him, and to you.... Thank you.

My thanks to the doc, as well.......

Robbie said...

My heart breaks for this little one...but thank goodness for you!!!! Prayers your way!!!