Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lake Retreat - Day 1

Last week I spent a few days at a lakeside cabin with my mom and our dogs. It was a quiet time to reflect, to relax, and to create. We both enjoyed it immensely. This is our cabin, tucked in the woods alongside the lake.

This is a morning photo of the lake, shortly after the fog had burned off. The lake was big enough for kayaks and canoes, but not big enough for motorized boats --- which was fine with us. Our cabin had a screened in porch that looked out over the water.

I spent most of the first day printing leaves that I gathered from the area. There were many varieties, but my favorites were the oak leaves.

A glorious sunset closed out our first day at the lake. A storm front was moving in, and the clouds always make for better sunsets.

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Cedar Ridge Studio said...

Sounds like a dream week end. Nice to recharge and nothing is better than at a lake. Love the water.