Sunday, May 19, 2013


Many of you will remember Velcro, the scared puppy that arrived in rescue in a taped up cardboard box. He was labeled "vicious" and "feral". We didn't know what to expect when we opened the box, and we were prepared for a dog to come charging at us with his teeth bared. Instead a scared puppy crept out of the box. Fast forward a year later, and this is Velcro, all grown up and stunningly handsome! He still remembered us and gave us kisses and tail wags!


Sandy said...

awww. you just want to give him a big cuddle.
Sandy in the UK

Robbie said...

I love this dogs face and eyes! So glad he was taken in and given a life!!!

Anonymous said...

Lucky, lucky owner. Velco is so beautiful and sweet.