Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Lewis is a little one year old male bichon that just arrived in rescue. His owner surrendered him, and he has not had any vetting or grooming done in his life. Thankfully, we were able to get his matted fur combed, brushed and cut. Today he is at the vet for his neuter and vaccinations. I am thankful that he is safe in rescue and being taken care of, but it is sad to see all these owners surrendering their dogs to rescue. It's a daily reminder of our downtrodden economy and the fact that some dog owners see their dogs as possessions and not as family.

Lewis is available for adoption through Hands, Hearts and Paws, Inc.

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Robbie said...

He will find a good home!!! I'd take him in a heartbeat...if only I could convince hubby we can have more than one dog! Can't believe he's not been groomed...poor baby...thanks goodness he's in good hands now, Karen.