Friday, October 05, 2012


Little Cayman weighed 4 pounds and was only 5 weeks old when she arrived in rescue. We agreed to foster her, and she managed to turn our household upside down in the following three weeks.

She is so cute and playful and friendly! She loves everyone, and she loves to play outside with our dogs. She even did great with crate training and housebreaking.

This is her favorite "hiding place". She thinks the other dogs can't find her here, but when they run past, she ambushes them.

And today she got adopted into a wonderful forever home! She will be the pampered princess and only dog for a couple that are already in love with her. Her new name is Mia, and they are thrilled to be her forever parents!


Carol Blackburn said...

Oh she is adorable and one lucky little dog. :)

Joyce Ami said...

She IS a princess! What lucky forever parents!! <3