Sunday, June 17, 2012

More Dogs

This little sweetheart is Brandy! She is a 4 month old Brussels Griffon mix puppy, and she is adorable. Very friendly, playful and sweet, and she only weighs about 6 pounds, so she is tiny.

And this handsome guy is Austin, a 1 year old Yorkshire terrier. He will be fostered at our house as soon as he is healthy. He is very shy, but friendly, and I am in love with him already!


Del said...

Oh, my goodness! If I lived in Nebraska I would be hard pressed to deny Snickers or Brandy a home. Maybe the two together? What sweet faces they have. Del

Katie, Julep and Derby's Mom said...

Great photo's of the new sweethearts! If you need any of the little fleece sleeping bags or coats - send me an e-mail.

Also love the lilies and the green heron - which I have not heard of - very interesting and very beautiful.

Have a great week and happy picture taking!

MollyBee said...

Both are so sweet!

Robbie said...

I just don't know why you don't have 50 dogs of your own!! Each one you show are SO sweet you just want to gobble them up!!!!