Monday, June 11, 2012

Evening Storms

Last night we had a summer storm come through our area, complete with rain, thunder and lightning. This morning it feels like all of the gardens are refreshed! The photo above is a hens & chickens plant from my mom, and I love the raindrops and colors that were captured in this photo!

This is one of my Asiatic lilies that is blooming this morning after getting a huge drink of rain last night. The colors in this lily are gorgeous!

And this is such a great photo of Snickers in the morning light. She looks at me with such love in her eyes, and I melt. She is going to be a tough foster to let go. She is so loving and so gentle to everyone!


I need orange said...

I always think it is interesting when two completely different plants have the same colors (as in your first two images).

Snickers looks like a darling. Please give her a scritch from me.

Gina said...

I bought an Asiatic lily last summer and didn't expect it to bloom this year as I had read that it is too hot in South Florida for them to bloom unless the bulbs are refrigerated. What a great surprize when I saw the gorgeous florescent orange blooms a few weeks ago. And what a gorgeous color your's is!

And Snickers is so adorable!