Tuesday, May 08, 2012

A Rewarding Rescue

Believe it or not, a dog arrived in rescue today inside this taped up box. We've been trying to pull this dog from an animal control shelter in Kansas for almost a week. The animal control officer labeled the dog as "feral", "mean" and "wild" and cautioned everyone about getting bit by the dog.

We opened the box, and Velcro cautiously peeked out. I'm sure he was scared to death of what this new adventure meant for him. In the past he had been picked up as a stray, kenneled in an animal control shelter where they power washed the kennel with him in it, because he was too "mean" to move to another kennel, given to a foster home who took one look at him and dumped him at a vet clinic because she didn't want to get bit, and then finally transported to us in this cardboard box.

Then he bolted for freedom!

Once he figured out that we were in the pen with him, he tried to hide in a corner and wouldn't even look at us. Such a scared puppy!

We got a slip lead on him and sat on the ground and coaxed him with food. He only took one bite, even though we could tell that he is malnourished.

Eventually we were able to pet him and scratch his ears and put a real collar and leash on him. Doesn't he look "mean" in this photo?!?!

After about an hour, he started cautiously approaching us for attention, and he started eating out of the dish of food that we gave him. Such a sweet puppy, whose only issue is that he is scared to death, and no one took the time to show him that the world is not all scary.

What a gorgeous puppy, and what a great save! He was going to be euthanized, because he was labeled "feral" and was biting everyone. Neither one of us got bit a single time. Amazing what a little love and patience can do!


Sandy said...

If you treat any animal like a 'thing' it will fight back. I am flooded with tears here.
Sandy in the UK

Karen Stiehl Osborn said...

And it's amazing what labels will do. We were expecting a wild, feral puppy that bit anything and everything. Instead, he is just super scared. Yes, he tried to bite in the beginning, but as soon as he figured out that it wasn't going to work with us, he quit trying. By the end, he was freely coming up to both of us. He needs some work before he will be ready to be adopted (and a bath), but we both know that he is a great puppy, who has been mishandled up to this point.

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Your stories of rescue get me every time. What the world needs is love.

Thank you Karen for what you do for animals.

Gerrie said...

Who couldn't love that face. Bless you and your fellow rescuers.

Vivien Zepf said...

Velcro is a perfect name for him because, I suspect, he will be stick to any loving owner once he figures it all out.

Karen Stiehl Osborn said...

This afternoon he climbed into my lap and went to sleep!

Cynthia Schelzig said...

oh heavens,,,what a story...the poooor sweet thing. I am so glad he landed with you guys.