Saturday, April 07, 2012

New Art

I truly believe that the best art comes from your heart, and dogs & nature are the subjects that are nearest to my heart. These are both new works of art, both incorporating new-to-me techniques that I am experimenting with.

graphite and charcoal

A friend of mine love to draw Zentangles, and she draws them in black marker, then shades them with graphite. While I am not a fan of Zentangles, I did like the idea of using graphite as shading with another medium. So, I played with a charcoal sketch, using both black and white charcoal pencils, and then adding graphite for gray shading. I need a bit more refinement with this technique, but I love the possibilities.

Photograph, Scratching

Zorinsky was inspired by an etching that I bought recently. I don't have access to etching materials, but I loved the look of the print. I am experimenting with using my own photographs and scratching into them, much like you do on scratchboard. This is my first attempt, and I am very pleased with the results.

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Robbie said...

Macie 'playing' looks great...the Zorinsky piece is amazing too!!! What a neat idea!!! Oh just give me so many ideas....I sure hope I live to be 100 so I can at least try some of those burning in my brain!