Friday, March 16, 2012


You just never know... Rascal is a well-behaved young dog that we are fostering. He's 3 years old, and he's a mix of Yorkshire terrier and maltese, commonly known as a "designer dog". He was surrendered by his owners (a doctor and his wife) because they didn't have time for him. Since coming to stay with us, he has learned about doing his business outside, sleeping quietly in a crate at night, waiting his turn and begging for treats, and best of all, he knows how to give great kisses now! But he is still waiting for his forever home, and we can't figure out why a perfect dog like this hasn't been adopted yet. In the meantime, we all love having him here, and he is having fun playing with Zeke and Mya!


Carol Blackburn said...

What a charmer, Karen. Sad he was given up but good to know that people don't just neglect the pets they don't have time for. They are to be applauded for knowing when it is best to give the pet up. I'm sure he will find that wonderful home soon.

Leslie Avon Miller said...

one day I will be able to raise my hand....but for now, we love our 2 cats.

Robbie said...

Without Internet service for a few days...I'm behind AGAIN! Rascal is adorable!!!! You can just see the sweetness in those eyes! He'd be a perfect playmate for Kalee...but I'd have to give up hubby first...he won't have two dogs!!! I've had as many as five at one time! I'll keep my fingers crossed for him!!