Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Weekend of Dogs

I had a busy weekend --- photographing new rescue dogs, doing home visits for some of them, and I even managed to get a solo art exhibition hung!

This is Kashi. She is a 3 month old female Australian shepherd mix puppy. Very friendly, yet shy. She has been too sick to travel for the last month, but she is finally here.

This is Benjamin. He's a 2 year old maltese/poodle mix. His owners decided they didn't have time for him since they are expecting a new baby. They also didn't have time to housebreak him. He's super sweet and cuddly! Lucky for Benjamin we have found him a new home with 3 kids to play with him, and he will be getting adopted tonight.

This is Bella. She's a 3 year old shar-pei with beautiful coloring. She had entropion in both eyes, which has now been corrected. She's a sweet, friendly girl who deserves a better life!

This little angel is Ethel. She is an 8 year old pug, and she only has 3 teeth left. Ethel is a charmer, and everyone has fallen in love with her!

This is Raider. He's a great pyrenees mix and not even a year old yet! He loves to jump fences, and his owner didn't bother to correct the situation.

And lastly, this is Frosty. He is small yorkie mix, approximately a year and a half old. Someone dumped Frosty overnight on a night when it was below zero. Luckily he survived, and he is a favorite of everyone in the rescue!


Sandy said...

that first one...and the next a bit too..is so serious that my heart goes out. they should be able have a bit of a laugh at life look about them. I hope it comes soon.
Sandy in the UK

Cynthia Schelzig said...

what gorgeous dogs and fab fotos of them,,,I love your collages below...wow!

Gerrie said...

I am in love with Raider. If I get another dog, consider yourself responsible. LOL!

Robbie said...

All I can say is...good thing I don't live close to you! Or is that a bad thing!!

Gina said...

With these great photos they should all have homes very quickly! And lucky, adorable Rascal, above!