Monday, February 27, 2012

Playing with Images

Recently another artist posted photos of a work in progress, and I was enamored with the technique that he was using. He starts with a piece of lightweight landscape cloth, uses a palette knife to coat it with molding paste, paints it, and then runs it through his printer and seals it. I loved the combination of an abstract painted background with a photo superimposed on the surface.

Since this is not the season for the local shops to sell landscape fabric, he generously sent me a yard of it to play with. The photos above are two that I took in our gardens, and I think they will be perfect for this technique. Stay tuned as I try it out!


Robbie said...

OK, looking forward to seeing what you end up! I'm still stuck at the part where "he runs it through his printer". Have to 'assume' he is printing the picture on the molding paste/painted piece of fabric? Duh..can't wrap my head around this one. I'm DAYS from reading blogs! Need to catch up!

Gina said...

These are gorgeous photos now, I look forward to seeing them on your textured cloth!