Friday, February 03, 2012

Collage and Craziness

Above is another morning collage. I seem to vacillate between neutrals and bursts of color in my collages. Sometime I should note my mood as I create these. I would guess that there is a direct correlation.

Our home is about to get crazy! Yesterday we took in a little 4# female yorkie as our new foster. This little dog is so sick, yet so incredibly sweet! She has a urinary infection, and she's heartworm positive. When she arrived, she was filthy, matted all the way to her skin, and her ears were disgusting inside. It took two baths to get the smell off her! Through all that, she stayed friendly, even though she was very scared. Today I will be taking her to the vet to get her on the road to good health.

And tomorrow, we are accepting a second foster --- a little silky terrier puppy. We really didn't plan to have two fosters at once, but no one else has volunteered yet, and this little guy is way too scared to go to a boarding facility. So, he will stay here until we find another foster or someone adopts him. Say a few prayers that I survive 4 little dogs underfoot around here!


Del said...

Oh-my-goodness! You have a heart of gold, Karen. I'm sending good thoughts for your little foster kids. And, of course, for your sanity.

Robbie said...

You will have your place in heaven!! Thank goodness you put yourself out to give these wonderful little ones a warm heart and warm home!!!