Sunday, February 12, 2012

Collage #4

This morning's collage uses a scrap of yesterday's red background as part of today's horizon. I think it is interesting to watch these collages develop and the different colors and themes that show up. I save a scrap from the daily collage, and the next day I start fresh with all new materials and that one scrap. I'm having fun with these!

*** Alize is doing great! She slept through the night last night, first time since her heartworm injections. She continues to have a good appetite, and she's drinking plenty of water. Plus --- we have had some interest from people wishing to adopt her when she is healthy and healed!

1 comment:

Robbie said...

I'm just getting 'caught' up on reading blogs! Your collage pieces are wonderful!!! Love today's!!!
so glad to hear Alize is doing better each day!! She's such a sweetheart!!! Someone will 'pick' her up and keep her close to their heart! I just know she'll make it!!!