Sunday, October 09, 2011

Autumn in the Yard

We love the large ash trees that shade our backyard in the summer and provide privacy from spring through summer, but now is the time that we realize how many leaves it takes to provide that shade and privacy. So far we have bagged 10 HUGE bags of leaves, and that is after the leaves have been mulched into tiny pieces!

After all that leaf raking and mulching, it was time for a little fun! I made 3 new chickadee feeders --- one for Mom and two for us. The little chickadees love the peanut butter or suet in these feeders. Once in a while I see a downy woodpecker on them, but usually it is the chickadees enjoying the feast.

And lastly, a couple more blushing peppers from the garden. Our tomatoes are done, but the peppers are still growing and producing. These two will be part of our supper tonight.

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