Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Mornings

When we first got Zeke, 4 years ago, we started scrambling an egg for him on Sunday mornings. Then we adopted Mya a year ago, and she joined in on the Sunday morning ritual. Today we introduced Logan to the taste of scrambled eggs since this was his first Sunday morning with us. I think he is hoping for a forever home where they will continue with this tradition!


Carol Blackburn said...

How sweet, Karen. In our house we had the tradition called "last bites." Our dogs were so good at just lying under the table while we ate and not begging that we always reached down with whatever was our last bite on our plates. We raised two wonderful ladies; one black Shizu and one white German Shepard. Both lived to age 14.

Robbie said...

what a wonderful tradition for the doggies!

Anonymous said...

I used to give my dog scrambled eggs too. I cooked them in oil which help with a healthy coat!