Thursday, August 18, 2011

Logan, The Sweetheart

Logan, our little foster Yorkie, is settling in quite nicely. He follows me around the house, always wanting some attention, and he tries so hard to please. He's quickly learning the house rules and a few new commands. I can't believe someone surrendered him to a kill shelter. He is such a sweetheart!


Carol Blackburn said...

Your photos are so precious, Karen. Look at that face!

Robbie said...

I swear I like animals more than most people! Who in their right mind could give this little guy up..I can understand if you're ill but someone/family would take this guy. Not give him to a kill shelter. What a sweetheart! He's so appreciative of you...hence, he does want to please doesn't he!!

Vivien Zepf said...

He's absolutely adorable. Do you think Logan's former owners knew it was a kill shelter? Our neighbors up the street take in pregnant dogs from Southern kill shelters (sometimes the only ones around in that area) and help the moms through birth and weaning (we come over to help socialize the puppies!). At any rate, shelters in some areas are filled with pups from families hit by hard times. It's so sad since these darlings are truly victims.