Thursday, July 07, 2011

Zeke's Favorite Toy

This is Zeke with his #1 toy --- a pair of socks. He has loved them since the day we got him as a puppy. He doesn't chew holes in them. For him, it is all about sneaking a pair off the dresser or out of a stack of clean laundry. Once he has it firmly in his mouth, he races down the hall to the living room, and just waits for us to follow him. Then he prances around with his prize in his mouth. I don't know why we have a huge basket of dog toys, when all we really need is a basket of socks!


Sandy said...

Our dog Pepper steals Handkerchiefs. She used to steal them and chew them when she was a puppy, and then my DH used to tease her when he had one. He'd let her see he was putting it in his pocket and leave a bit sticking out and she would come to take it off of him. (this was without the permission of the laundress you understand!)
Eventually she stopped chewing them. but now when you to sort the clothes she dashes in and gets one from the pile to take to her nest behind the settee. She will try to tease you to come get it, like your Zeke. Before you do the last wash you have to go round up all the hankies she has managed to squirrel away in there!
Sandy in the UK

Robbie said...

Too funny! And love your 'wordless Wednesday' pic!!

Carol Blackburn said...

How adorable, Karen. My dog Snow liked socks too so I made her what I called a "sock buddy" by stuffing an old sock with rags and tying off the end at the ankle to leave a tail. We would play pull with it for hours.